First time blogger.

This is the post excerpt.


This is the first time using a blog.



So I only have 6 weeks left of school and I’m about done with my online class Psychology. I’v found this class to be very interesting. The more I had read the book the more I’v discovered about my self. It’s amazing what our genes and thoughts do to ourselves.


I have some new neighbors who live above me and are so loud. I sit in the dining area to do most of my work and I feel like they follow me everywhere I go. Hint people: If you have children living on the 2nd or 3rd floor have some respect and try to keep them from sounding like the floor is going to fall in. Geez!


The year is coming to an end very quickly and my two youngest children have made some great achievements in school. My youngest, Brooklyn is in Kinder and is exceeding expectations. My son, Braylon is in 7th grade whom I thought was going to be the one struggling but just surprised me with 3(A’s) and 4(B’s). Parents never underestimate your children and always listen.  This parent is winning with success!